How do you get E.D. meds Online?

E.D. Meds Online

What is the Difference Between Branded Viagra® or Cialis® and Sildenafil and Tadalafil?

How do you get E.D. meds online? This is a common question and careful consideration should be followed before rushing to your computer and ordering from the first company you can find. Firstly let’s look at the two major players in terms of E.D. medication, Viagra®, and Cialis®.

Viagra® and Cialis® are common drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction and both different types of PDE5 inhibitors developed to help with erectile dysfunction. Viagra® was patented and solely produced by one company called Pfizer and Cialis® was exclusively produced and patented by the company Lilly. However, when the patents expired, competitor companies could produce and sell generic versions. The generic version of Viagra® is called Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) and the generic version of Cialis® became Tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis®). Because Sildenafil and Tadalafil can now be produced by multiple manufacturers the price of the generic versions is far lower than branded versions.

The generic versions Sildenafil and Tadalafil contain exactly the same active ingredients as the branded versions, you would not be able to tell the difference when taking them. They will differ in appearance slightly and the binders (non-active ingredients) will vary from one producer to another, nevertheless, this makes no difference to the effectiveness or quality of the product.

Will Standard of Care be Met by Online Medical Providers?

What is standard of care? Standard of care is the expected level of care a patient receives from a health care provider.

Standard of Care at an In-Person Doctors Office

Let’s walk you through a typical visit to a doctor’s office. When you arrive, you fill out a medical intake form, listing your past medical issues and medication history. You return this form to the front desk, and it is given to the doctor to review before meeting you.

When your appointment begins, they may still have questions regarding your intake form depending on what you filled out. For example, if you were previously taking Viagra, the doctor would want to know if it worked and if you experienced any unwanted side effects. During the consultation, the doctor gets to know your case in far more detail than what he can learn from the intake form. This is considered to be ‘Standard of care’.

Standard of Care at Male Excel

Now let’s walk you through the processes used at a reputable online medical clinic.

Online you will fill out a medical intake form. In our case, this form has been expertly created by a team of over 20 doctors and is designed to ask all the questions (if not more) than in a face to face appointment.

If for example, you filled in that you previously took Viagra, the form would redirect you to more questions regarding why you stopped, if you had side effects, and so on. It would then continue redirecting you to other questions until all the relevant questions are answered. This works in the same way as a face to face appointment asking exactly the same questions a real doctor would ask. However, because we created this form using our medical team, all of whom have their own set of questions, it far exceeds a face to face meeting.

There are literally hundreds of possible paths, ensuring we get the most detailed patient profile so our doctors can safely write your prescription. Finally, if they feel they still need information they will request a video or telephone consultation, always with patient safety at heart. Exceeding the ‘standard of care’ of a face to face appointment.

What Is The Process When Ordering E.D. Meds Online?

1) Fill Out the Online Form

The first step to get E.D. meds online is to start by filling out a medical intake form. These forms start with the same basic questions for everyone. Online forms are different than those you would get in a typical doctor’s office as they can redirect you to more in-depth questions depending on your specific medical history. Therefore, everyone will have a different set of questions and answers. Which gives our doctors an incredibly detailed patient profile.

2) Upload your I.D.

Before you can receive E.D. treatment online you must provide proof of your identity. The provider has an obligation to make sure you are who you say you are. In most scenarios, the online provider will ask for a picture of your ID and another of you holding it to verify you.

3) State-specific medical provider reviews your medical information

In order for you to get E.D. meds online, we have to use doctors in the state in which you reside. Male excel has over 20 doctors and nurse practitioners, all are licensed and working as practicing doctors. Our team covers 50 states, meaning medical care is available in almost every corner of the country.

4) State-specific medical provider decides on your best treatment option

Most states only require a patient to fill in the online medical intake form, however, some require either a telephone or video consultation as well. When you use a larger online medical company such as Male Excel they have dynamic medical forms that use artificial intelligence to ensure that a patient is suitable for the prescription. There are literally hundreds of possible paths through the intake form which will provide our doctors with an extremely accurate patient profile, even more so than a face to face appointment.

In the same way, as when you visit your doctor it is them that decide on the best form of treatment. Online medical companies have to operate in exactly the same way. The doctor will review the medical forms, decided on the best medication, and issue the prescription directly to our partner pharmacies. This ensures companies operate responsibly, ensuring impartiality and safe dispensing.

5) Prescription is Written

To buy E.D. meds online you must have a doctor’s prescription. There are some unscrupulous companies that advertise really cheap Viagra or Cialis online. Be very wary of these for a number of reasons. They will not assess you on an individual basis and issue a legitimate prescription. They may seem like a great deal, but the price does not include the doctor’s visit’ or prescription costs and you certainly won’t be receiving a genuine product.

When you use a legitimate company like Male Excel for your E.D. meds online all the costs are included, consultation, ‘doctor visit,’ medication, and delivery. This offers superb value for money and excellent patient care.

6) Prescription is Sent to a Pharmacy

Once the doctors have written a prescription it will be sent (digitally encrypted) to the pharmacy. All online medical services will use a third-party pharmacy to fulfill the prescriptions and deliver them directly to you.

7) The Pharmacy Post Your Products

The pharmacy will quickly review your prescription and this is posted quickly to your home address. All shipments are discreet and in unbranded packaging for your privacy.

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