Are Internet Prescriptions Safe?

internet prescriptions

There are many reasons you may be wary about ordering a prescription online, and rightfully so. Illegitimate online pharmacies can be dangerous as they may be selling illegal medications with non-FDA-approved ingredients. If pharmacies aren’t easily accessible to you, or if you’re embarrassed to talk about … certain ailments, like, say, erectile dysfunction … online pharmacies may be your only option, therefore it’s important to understand how you can differentiate a sketchy online pharmacy versus a safe and valid online pharmacy.

What Is The FDA?

The FDA is a federal agency that ensures the ingredients in products like certain foods, medications, veterinary medication, tobacco products, cosmetics, and many other products are safe for the public. They can also inspect facilities to ensure they’re following the proper practice regulations and some facilities must display their FDA certifications. Products will not have an FDA-approved logo, but to ensure it is approved, you can check on their website.

are internet prescriptions safe to buy

What Is An Online Pharmacy?

Online pharmacies offer you the option of buying medications over the internet. They could potentially be cheaper too because they’re able to reach a wider audience.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (also commonly known as E.D.), is when you can’t achieve or maintain an erection. Many men are too embarrassed to talk about their E.D. issues, but it’s a very common occurrence in America with approximately 18 million other men struggling with the same thing. Though it can happen at any age, it’s most common in men 40 and up, but it could be a result of medications you’re on too.

But because some men get too embarrassed to discuss their issues with a doctor, it can result in them purchasing erectile dysfunction pills at a local gas station with their hoody turned up so they can hide their face, or ordering pills online from an illegitimate pharmacy claiming they have the best possible medication for making your penis grow a few inches and maintain an erection! What more could you ask for?

Signs That Online Pharmacy Is Not Legtimate

No matter how professional their website looks, that doesn’t mean they really are. There are certain signs you should watch out for, particularly if it seems too good to be true. 

Pills that are $10 cheaper than at the local pharmacy! No way! Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but that’s a little too cheap and a tad fishy. Though online prices may be cheaper because they’re able to reach a wider audience, they shouldn’t be significantly cheaper to the point where it confuses you but you decide to buy it anyway.  

It really isn’t worth risking your health with these products that are not FDA-approved and again, you can check the FDA website for products they do approve and products that have been taken off the shelf because of unsafe ingredients that were found. 

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Ingredients to Avoid in Medication Sold Online

If you see any of these ingredients listed on the product, you should not use them :


This is a hormone naturally created by the body. This includes testosterone and estrogen (our sex hormones). Again, as you age, it naturally decreases, but it can also decrease from other reasons like depression, diabetes, obesity, from taking other medications for medical conditions, and more.

Adding too much DHEA to your body can lower the effectiveness of insulin if you’re diabetic, worsen conditions like breast cancer or uterine cancer, and worsen your symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, like mood swings, mania, fatigue, and feelings of unworthiness.


This is another (commonly used) unsafe ingredient labeled as “all-natural”. Yohimbe is an extract taken from the Yohimbe tree in western Africa, so yes, it is all-natural but it’s also illegal to sell over-the-counter products that contain this ingredient in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom because of its harmful side effects that include seizures, confusion, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, kidney failure, and more.

Yohimbe used to be used by local African people to treat colds or the flu, but it’s never actually been scientifically proven that Yohimbe has any effects on curing a cold or erectile dysfunction.


This was commonly used as a laxative ingredient but has actually been banned in both Canada and the U.S. because of links found between itself and cancer. It can also cause gastrointestinal bleeding.


This is an illegal ingredient if not disclosed for its use in medication for both people and food-producing animals. This is another ingredient that has been banned in Canada because of its reputation for causing nausea, migraines, inflamed colon, severe allergic reactions, causing dangerously low levels of red blood cells, suppressing bone marrow and more. 

Sildenafil and Tadalafil

These are the main ingredients found in Viagra and Cialis … but not together. Mixing these ingredients will not improve your erectile dysfunction or enhance your size, but instead, it can cause a life-threatening drop in your blood pressure. Professional pharmacies will supply sildenafil and tadalafil in certain doses. When ordering from an unknown source, the amount of these ingredients is unknown. They also don’t mix well with other medications that contain nitrates. 


This is very commonly used for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction issues but as an “off-label” ingredient. Meaning, it’s not FDA-approved for your specific ailment/condition. Its side effects include lowering your sex drive, nausea, migraines, upset stomach, and weight gain. 


This is often sold as an all-natural erectile dysfunction drug. It can also have very harmful effects when mixed with other prescription drugs with nitrates. This ingredient hasn’t undergone as many tests as sildenafil and tadalafil and unknown doses could potentially be quite dangerous. 

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What to Look for in Online Prescriptions

We’re not trying to scare you from ordering medications online, but there are definitely sketchy online “pharmacies” that have ruined the reputation for legitimate online pharmacies who want nothing more than to provide you with high-quality medications for your condition. 

Here are things you can look for besides selling harmful ingredients.

  • If they don’t require you to fill out a medical history form, there probably isn’t any physician working on their behalf ensuring you can take their products safely.
  • If their contact information isn’t listed - always look for a street address, postal code, phone number, etc.
  • They don’t list terms and conditions or a privacy policy
  • They ship worldwide - online pharmacies will typically just ship to customers located in the same country. 
  • They don’t have a physician/pharmacist - you should always be able to speak to a professional about your prescription either by phone, email, or video-call. 

Tip: A lot of people don’t know that websites that aren’t secure will have a URL that begins with “http”, whereas secure websites will have “https”. That little “s” on the end actually stands for secure and your credit card information you put into the “http” site will probably end up being stolen.

How Male Excel Can Help You 

As our tagline says, we make hard easy! Yes, we help cure your erectile dysfunction, but in the easiest, non-sketchiest way possible! We want to help you gain control of your sex life and confidence again by providing you with safe doses of Viagra and Cialis.

We don’t require a reference from your doctor, but we do ask that you have seen a physician for a medical exam within the last three years and you will need to fill out a medical form before we proceed with your prescription. You must answer these questions truthfully so we can help you as accurately and as safely as possible. We also verify your ID via video chat therefore that selfie you took ten years ago won’t really work.  

Jokes aside, it is incredibly dangerous to provide us with false information about your health, particularly if you take medication for heart disease or depression. Your health and wellbeing is our number one concern.

When I Purchase Medication Online, Will It Be Delivered To My Home?

Depending on who you order through, yes it could end up being delivered to your door. But through Male Excel, we send your prescriptions to various different pharmacies around the country that are easily accessible to you. If you’d prefer to have it sent to a specific pharmacy, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Using the Internet to Buy Prescriptions

So, are internet prescriptions safe?


Are all of them safe?

Not quite.

There are certain signs to look out for on online pharmacies, particularly if they list their contact information and if they specifically have a physician or pharmacist you can speak with via phone, email, or video chat. Their URL should also have “https” and not just “http” as that “s” stands for secure.

Online pharmacies do not ship medications worldwide either and should only be shipping to customers within their own country. It’s also important to understand which ingredients the FDA has not approved as they can bring much harm to your body despite being labeled as “all-natural”. 

Erectile dysfunction isn’t embarrassing. It’s a common problem amongst American men over 40 and there are plenty of professional, useful, qualified and safe prescriptions to help you regain control of your sex life again.

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