Our Customers Come First

Easier than expected. Got very good results and got it delivered fast!

- Edward M

Product Worked Great!!! Medical form was required but it was fast and easy. Medical Team approved me fast!!

- Darryl R

Great customer service! Friendly, easy to talk to, you feel like you're not just another sale but an important customer to them.

- Robert O

I am very satisfied with Male Excel. Thank you!

- James K

This stuff really works. I took one and now I'm the Incredible Hulk lol!

- Tony S

This is a medical miracle, I feel like Lazarus coming back to life.

- Rick P

I stay long and strong now, bigger than ever before and last longer than ever before.

- Phil L

LEGIT!!!! Got my script in the mail yesterday!!! THANK YOU!!!

- Julius M

This treatment works wonderful!

- Jerry R

This stuff works awesome, I could chip cement.

- Brett K

The pill worked for me, was like I was fifteen again.

- Philip C

Easy peezy!!! Or should I say "hard as it gets!" ?!?! .... Hey Now fella let's Keep it G-rated!!!

- Andy


We believe that high quality medical care should be available to all. This is one of the founding principles of Male Excel, which is why I chose to partner with them as a medical director.

For so many people in the USA geographic location and busy jobs make accessing a doctor a huge inconvenience. Even for those in cities and towns, time out of work and travelling all add to the cost of basic medical care. Not to mention childcare issues, waiting rooms, and risk of contracting illness from others

Our patients are our top priority. Our online system provides complete privacy and discretion at all times so that you can feel confident getting the care you need. Our ongoing medical care is included so that you can feel safe that the medicaiton continues to work for you.