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It's 100% legal to get testosterone online, prescribed by a legally compliant clinic that follows federal guidelines. 
  • Avoid any company that does not require a doctor consultation (it can be video) and issue a prescription. They are not legally certified to sell testosterone.
  • Male Excel is LegitScript registered and complies with all legal guidelines. We make it simple to get testosterone online for those that need it.
  • All our providers receive full training in HRT for men. They are spurred on by the life-changing results they see in their patients. They look to improve your long-term prospects and treat the cause of your symptoms.
  • Getting Testosterone Online | The Facts

    Prescribed correctly, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be a game changer for men as they age. It offers protection against many age-related diseases, aids weight loss2, increases muscle mass, and with lifestyle changes, can even stop type 2 diabetes1 from developing. If you want to know more about getting a prescription for testosterone online, keep reading.

    Getting testosterone via remote telehealth may seem like a leap of faith into the unknown for many. Rest assured that Male Excel offers the best TRT online and takes the same standard of patient care with our online patients as in our face-to-face clinics. You can feel relaxed and safe in our expert hands.

    It's 100% legal to buy testosterone from an online hormone clinic that follows guidelines set by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). To get testosterone prescriptions online, you must have a video consultation with a licensed physician in the United States*. They will examine your medical history, symptoms, and ID before prescribing any medication. Before starting any testosterone treatment, you must also take a blood test to check hormone levels.

    Your medical provider will discuss any medical conditions and dig deeper into your lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise routines. Male Excel providers are fully trained in hormone replacement therapy and offer the best medical advice. So, when you receive your meds, you'll know how to get the most out of your treatment.

    *Some states require face-to-face consultations.

    What Is TRT for Men

    TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy, but through most clinics, this is all you will receive - testosterone. Some clinics also supply estrogen blockers, which we do not routinely use (learn more).

    At Male Excel, we look at more than just testosterone. It is really HRT (hormone replacement therapy) because we suggest having more than just testosterone. Testosterone alone is only part of the picture. For the best online TRT program, you need to include the following.

    • Thyroid medication: This helps maximize the effects of testosterone, improving metabolism, weight loss, and libido. Thyroid has over 200 other benefits. Low thyroid is common in men and should always be considered.
    • DHEA: This is a precursor to testosterone and may help with strengthening the immune system, slowing natural aging, increasing energy, improving mood and memory, also building bone and muscle strength.
    • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 and testosterone are closely linked. This nutrient (which is actually a hormone) supports optimal testosterone levels, muscle and bone development, and mental health.
    • Generic Daily Cialis®: This is an erectile dysfunction medication that has surprising benefits to overall health. Generic daily Cialis supports healthy blood flow around the body, increases oxygen levels in the blood, can improve pulmonary hypertension, reduces blood pressure, and is beneficial to your heart. Generic Cialis is also FDA-approved to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

    What Will TRT Do for Me?

    If you have testosterone deficiency or are suffering from the symptoms of low T, we would love to help you get a real prescription for TRT online. We have helped thousands of men restore their sex drive, lose weight, gain muscle, and protect their future health, and we could do the same for you.

    Testosterone replacement therapy using testosterone cypionate injections or creams is an effective therapy to:

    • Restore energy levels
    • Stop and reverse chronic inflammation
    • Improve cardiovascular function
    • Ease type 2 diabetes
    • Burn fat
    • Build muscle
    • Increase Free testosterone
    • Lower cholesterol and more...

    How to Buy Testosterone from Male Excel.

    Now you know that getting testosterone online is perfectly legal and safe. This is how to get a Prescription for testosterone online legally with Male Excel.

    We have designed our programs to be easily accessible to those who would benefit from TRT quickly and safely online. We don't cut corners, and our protocols are based on a 13-year track record of successfully treating patients.

    Many TRT clinics only treat men with clinically 'Low T' - meaning levels below 300ng/dL. Such a low level is rare, and men with higher levels may still suffer from the symptoms of reduced testosterone levels. Men should optimize their hormones to where they feel relief from symptoms - this is where they offer protection from age-related diseases.

    Get Testosterone safely Online. Follow These Simple Steps.

    Step One: Online Medical Intake.

    Complete our Free hormone assessment to see if you could benefit from our life-changing HRT therapies. Symptoms of low testosterone are the most important indicators that your hormones are falling. As they age, most men could benefit by optimizing their testosterone, thyroid, and other hormone levels.

    Step Two: At-Home Blood-Spot Test

    Order and complete your $99 At-Home Blood-Spot Test Kit. This lab work checks 5 essential hormones and biomarkers to ensure HRT is suitable for you and to monitor your future progress.


    Step Three: Initial Consultation with your fully licensed provider:

    Answer a confidential online medical intake form, then meet with your provider via video consultation. We take pride in our provider-patient relationships. By talking to patients in-depth, we can understand their symptoms and prescribe a program developed for their needs.

    Once approved and you receive a prescription, you will be under the care of your provider throughout your time with us. You can access your provider whenever you need to discuss your issues and share your successes.

    Step Four: Discreet Swift Delivery:

    Your online repeat TRT prescription is ongoing, and your testosterone and other medications are delivered directly to your door in discreet packaging. Everything you need is included with complete instructions to ensure safety, so you enjoy the full benefits of your treatment.

    Ongoing Patient Care

    We pride ourselves on being the 1st online ED and HRT clinic for men in the USA. If you suffer from low T symptoms and cannot get the answers you want from your primary carer, we are here to help. Our experience is second to none, and we prescribe hormone replacement therapy, including testosterone, as a preventative and restorative medication to promote healthy aging.  

    Getting TRT online involves completing a proper assessment, an in-depth online consultation and ongoing care. Companies like Male Excel are fully licensed and will monitor and guide you on your path to healthy-aging.

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    Get TRT Online Safely

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