Our Customers Come First

Tonight marks my 2-week anniversary of taking my testosterone treatment... My wife said to me 'there you are', and I realized there's so much more than that once every few months burst of energy, but that growling, biting, crazy, just playful love making.
- Marcus, 47
Product Worked Great!!! Medical form was required but it was fast and easy. Medical Team approved me fast!!
- Darryl R.
Been on treatment for 2 months and I can honestly say I've got a lot more energy and I'm starting to sleep better! Thanks to everyone at Male Excel and a shout out to Eric Lamb who's been helping me on my journey to feeling better!
- Lou H.
Easier than expected. Got very good results and got it delivered fast!
- Edward M.
Wow...I was at 118! 600-700 below what it should be. I was on low T treatment for about a week when I noticed the difference. Newfound energy, mental clarity and the desire to get out and do things. Over the next few months it got better and better.
- Jeff G.
Male Excel is the best online male hormone replacement site. I highly recommend them. They are efficient, prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and offer the best value. I researched other sites but Male Excel always came out on top. Again I highly recommend Male Excel.
- Thomas
Would highly recommend! The process was easy, and everyone I have contact with has been very helpful. I have gained strength, stamina and size since beginning the T therapy. I actually look forward to going to the gym! If you are an older guy (like me), this has been the fountain of youth for me! I would definitely tell you to give it a try.
- Michael
Really appreciate the service and the fast easy shipping. Process was very easy to do to start and any questions have been answered. I feel great and sleep better. Thank you!
- Robert K.
The caliber of care is equally matched by the quality of medicine. These Doctors are a game changer to quality of life. Highly recommended.
- Steven
Have been able to work out and put on some muscle. Just what I wanted. Have lost some of my belly So far things have gone as planned.
- Robert
Great products, great service. Fast delivery and most of all - EASY!
- Jeremy
I like that I am working directly with a doctor toward my personal treatment plan. For me it's all about health and maintenance. The time in the gym is just a stimulus for change. What happens as a response is where you will find growth and improvement. A healthy endocrine system will speed that along.
- Christopher
Male Excel has and continues to exceed my expectations in regard to providing me top notch treatment, guidance and service when it comes to my Hormone Therapy Needs. I would not trust any other provider with my hormone health. Always there when I have questions or concerns and it is all done from the comfort of my home. Male Excel saved my life because Andropause and hormonal imbalance is no joke. For a long time, I didn't understand what I was going through, and it comes down to aging, health history and hormones.
- Lester R.
It just couldn't be easier or simpler to get results fast. They care about your health as much as selling product. Very professional. Male excel makes HRT affordable.
- Chris
These guys are great! Always the most friendly and helpful customer service reps. Always have super communication and resolve any questions/problems immediately.
- Matthew
Improved my libido and energy and stamina. Great service, thanks!
- Joseph
Very good customer service, timely shipping. So far very satisfied.
- Daniel
Male Excel has been great to work with and the medications have made a huge difference in my life. Energy levels, sleep, weight loss, and sexual stamina. Thank you, Male Excel!
- Thomas
Excellent service. Excellent pricing.
- Chris
Great customer service! Friendly, easy to talk to, you feel like you’re not just another sale but an important customer to them.
- Edward M.
This is a miracle! I feel like Lazarus coming back to life.
- Rick P.
My energy went way up. That was a huge difference. My eyesight increased greatly too. It got much better with the program.
- Keith, 54
I've been taking my treatments for a week now. What a difference! Energy and focus during the day and I can get to sleep without my nightly sleeping pills. Spike is coming back online too but a little slower than I expected.
- Marcus C.