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Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men

It’s not you. It’s your hormones!

Physical symptoms of low testosterone

Wondering why you are suddenly having a decrease in energy, gaining weight, losing muscle, and having less interest in sex? You could be suffering from the many symptoms of low testosterone in men.

The revelation we want all men to understand is it’s not you, it’s your hormones.

Many doctors brush these adverse symptoms off ‘as part of growing older.’ Don’t be one of the millions who become overlooked; you do not have to accept these symptoms as inevitable anymore.

Bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy can turn the tide and help prevent many aspects associated with aging. By optimizing your hormones, you are optimizing your future.

Most common symptoms of hormone imbalance

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List of symptoms of low testosterone in men

  • Weight gain, especially visceral fat
  • Muscle loss, difficulty gaining lean muscle, and overall weakness
  • Decreased energy, motivation, initiative, and self-confidence
  • Depression, lack of drive, and diminished work performance
  • Fatigue and memory loss
  • Reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, and fewer spontaneous erections
  • Depression, lack of drive, and diminished work performance

Low testosterone symptoms are not exclusive

Low testosterone symptoms in men creep up on you unnoticed, slowly taking away your zest for life. You might not even notice it at first, but it happens to most, most of whom just put up with the symptoms and blame old age. By optimizing your hormones, you can delay the onset of many diseases and health-related problems associated with old age.

What should I do if I have symptoms of low T?

There is no established level for ‘low testosterone,’ only an average level for guys at a certain age, but how these levels affect different men varies greatly. Average testosterone levels depend on who you talk to, what state you are in, and importantly, what your insurance company thinks!

By testing your blood levels, we can assess part of the picture. The numbers are simply numbers without a full assessment. Without the entire picture, you only have a snapshot of the reality.

Male Excel medical providers are experts in reading the symptoms of low testosterone and lab results to determine your best treatment plan. We then hold your hand along the way, with support when you need it, adjusting your treatment to get you to optimal hormone levels and optimal health!

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