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Find out why so many TRT clinics are doing it wrong.

Already on testosterone?

Unlike many testosterone replacement therapy clinics, Male Excel focuses on more than just testosterone replacement.

Finding the truth about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for men is a minefield of misinformation, unreliable facts, and confusing opinions. That’s why we started Male Excel; to offer a clear and straightforward path to healthy aging.

The sustainable low testosterone treatment that follows evidence-based research

Male Excel was founded by a group of health entrepreneurs and doctors who have followed the same TRT treatment plan. Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) program follows guidelines developed by our chief medical consultant, Dr. Neal Rouzier, one of the world’s most respected hormone specialists. Our mission is simple. We want to share what we have learned through 50 years of experience with the rest of the world because this is by far the most effective anti-aging, preventative medicine we could find.

We offer what is considered the most advanced bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy available today.

How Male Excel’s hormone replacement program is different

There are a few fundamental yet crucial differences between Male Excel that sets us apart from most hormone clinics. By the time you have read this page, we will hopefully convince you that you should follow our path to a better future.

In a direct quote from Dr. Rouzier’s book ‘How to Achieve Healthy Aging,’ he describes how he discovered the healing potential of BHRT, summing up why we do what we do!

“From a tired aging man, I quickly became a vigorous entrepreneur of hormone replacement therapy. My workload picked up the pace. With endless energy, I returned to the gym for my daily work out. My sleep was unbelievable. Most of all, my wife liked me much, much better after only three months of my program. This was a “born-again” experience, with the source of my redemption being bioidentical hormones. I had stumbled upon the answer to painful aging, recognizing that optimal health was truly what the term “preventive medicine” was all about.”

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as preventative medicine

This awakening completely changed Dr. Rouzier’s traditional thoughts about medicine. Aging was not necessarily an inevitable human condition, and it is possible to slow the symptoms and even avoid some altogether. What a concept! A concept that Dr. Rouzier immediately adopted in his own practice. No longer would he be shipping patients out the door with just a band-aid to cover their real health issues. He had discovered a preventative medicine that slowed the aggressive nature of getting older.

“This was something the whole world needed to know. With hormone replacement therapy, I felt alive again. Beyond feeling and function, HRT was protecting me from the deterioration of neurological, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems as expected with normal aging.”

The real consequences of blocking estrogen in men

One of the fundamental differences between Male Excel and many other hormone clinics is that we do not use estrogen blockers. Let us state here and now that there has never been a single study that highlights any risk in elevated estrogen in men, ever! But there are several studies that report blocking estrogen causes erectile dysfunction, prevents you from burning visceral fat, increases your risk of heart disease, and several other harmful effects.

When you were young, your testosterone levels are at their highest. Around 10% naturally converts into a type of estrogen called estradiol. During this time, you most probably felt the best you ever have. You were in peak condition with few health concerns – so, why is that?

It is because your testosterone and estrogen levels were both at their highest. They were optimal, the perfect balance for perfect health. Doctors would never suggest blocking the conversion of testosterone in a healthy man in their mid-twenties, so why on earth would they do it to a man in his 50s? Read more.

Most TRT clinics neglect the most important hormone, the thyroid

Many clinics and doctors have no training on how essential thyroid hormones are for your health. Thyroid hormones are metabolic, meaning they help regulate your metabolism. Without optimum thyroid, you will not see the actual benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Read more.

Why daily injections are far more effective

Proper use of injections requires a daily dose in order to keep levels steady. The downside of injections is that they bypass the skin, therefore bypassing the 5-alpha-reductase. Many men supplement with testosterone injections incorrectly. Weekly or monthly shots produce a testosterone spike followed by a decline as the interval between shots progresses. This leads to a rollercoaster effect in which a man feels very good for a few days then feels badly thereafter after the testosterone drops off. Read more.

The dangers of synthetic hormones

For many years medicine has recognized the health benefits of replacing waning hormones. For most physicians, synthetic hormones were the only option. Now it is possible to produce natural hormones that in every way match those produced by the body. We have come to understand that synthetic hormones, which are chemically different from those naturally found in the body, can cause a whole host of side effects and even cancer. It does not make sense whatsoever to replenish with chemically different hormones when bioidentical hormones, to which our bodies are accustomed, are available. Read more.

Why most commercial testosterone creams and gels don’t work

Commercially available creams or gels such as Androgel® come in fixed, low concentrations (1-2%) that cannot be adjusted to meet patients’ needs. This low dosage instantly restricts its use and does not allow a practitioner to ensure the medication fits the individual.

Male Excel’s compounded testosterone creams are around 10-20 times the strength of most prescription creams and gels, meaning we will get you to where you need to be with more effective results. Read more.

Pros and cons of testosterone cream and injections

One of the most common questions we get is whether the testosterone cream or the cypionate injections are best. We firmly believe what is best simply means ‘what is best for you.’ There are differences between injections and creams and both have advantages and disadvantages. Men tend to assume that because injections go straight into the muscle, the effects are more powerful and immediate. This is untrue and many men find the cream just as, if not more, effective. Read more.

Phlebotomizing is unnecessary with TRT therapy

Let’s start with the fact that there are no studies showing that TRT causes blood clots. There are, however, studies [1] that show that TRT does not.

With Male Excel, there is no need to phlebotomize to control red blood cell count, and It is a travesty that many hormone clinics advise patients to do so. Testosterone does increase your red blood cell count, however no more so than when you were younger. In your 20’s your testosterone levels were at their highest, which is the kind of level we aim to achieve with BHRT, so your blood cell count will not reach dangerous levels.

"It is reassuring that as far as we can determine, no testosterone associated thromboembolic events have been reported to date."

Rhoden EL, Morgentaler A. Risks of testosterone-replacement therapy and recommendations for monitoring. The New England Journal of Medicine. 2004;350(5):482-492.

The myth that you need to phlebotomize or you will get blood clots originates from decades of misinformation based on the experience of bodybuilders. These guys are often on testosterone cycles using anabolic steroids often designed for cattle to produce more meat. Combine that with doses 100x what any sane doctor would prescribe then, yes, it would be a good idea to give blood.

Why join Male Excel’s TRT therapy program?

Our methods may initially seem a little surprising; however, having read the last few paragraphs, you should be able to see that we talk perfect clinical sense.

  • Daily administration means optimized hormones all the time!
  • Estrogen is good for you. Blocking it is dangerous.
  • Optimal thyroid hormones are vital. Without them, testosterone is never truly optimal.

Our methods derive from clinical research, 50 years of experience, and 1000’s of success stories. The question you should ask yourselves isn’t ‘why join Male Excel,’ it should be ‘why go anywhere else!’

With Male Excel, life can be good again!

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