What is the best topical testosterone cream?

Male Excel’s custom compounded testosterone cream is far more potent than commercially available versions.

Types of compounded testosterone creams:

  • Commercial testosterone creams and gels increase serum testosterone levels in men with hypogonadism (low T).
  • These creams and gels are an easy alternative to injections and usually contain around 1-2% testosterone.
  • Due to the low concentrations of testosterone in such products, many men find they just don’t work or see very few benefits.
  • Our compounded creams are around 10-20 times the strength of most prescription creams and gels, meaning we will get you to where you need to be with more effective results.

Off the shelf prescription testosterone creams and gels

Commercially available creams or gels such as Androgel® come in fixed, low concentrations (1-2%) that cannot be adjusted to meet patients’ needs. This low dosage instantly restricts its use and does not allow a practitioner to ensure the medication fits the individual. There is no one-size-fits-all dosage for testosterone; compounded cream enables us to adjust dosage easily and quickly to suit each patient accordingly. How commercial testosterone gels compare with Male Excel’s testosterone cream:
  • Androgel® (1-2%)
  • Fortesta® (2%)
  • Testim® (1%)
  • Male Excel’s Testosterone Lipoderm Cream (20%)

Compounded testosterone cream

Compounded medication allows our providers to increase and decrease the dosage, ensuring that the medication fits their medical needs. Application of testosterone cream is via the scrotum or groin area where the skin is thinnest, allowing maximum absorption. Gels typically use an alcohol base, so we find creams much more comfortable to use and less likely to irritate the groin area’s delicate skin.

Advantages of compounded medication:

  • Custom dose: Each prescription written by our medical providers is unique to every patient. Offering a tailor-made solution and producing the best results for each person. Meaning we can produce higher dose creams for improved benefits.
  • Affordability: Custom compounding offers an affordable option over expensive mass-produced medication.
  • Safe and quality assured: Our partner pharmacy uses the highest quality ingredients and bioidentical testosterone following the strictest guidelines set by medical professionals.
  • US-made: All our testosterone products are traceable and compounded in the USA.
  • Bespoke medication: Compounded testosterone creams can be custom mixed with other medications and hormones for complete hormone treatment.
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Transdermal testosterone absorption

Cream absorption varies between men, but typically, we find a 10% absorption rate of testosterone into the skin. Meaning roughly 10% of the medication penetrates the skin and enters your body.

Our testosterone cream comes in a convenient topi-click dispenser dispensing 1/2 g per click. With 200mg of testosterone per gram, a typical Male Excel dosage usually starts at two clicks in the morning (1/2g) and two in the evening (1/2g). So, for every gram of testosterone applied to the skin, 20mg will take effect.

The most popular form of BHRT is our testosterone lipoderm cream

Most patients opt for our testosterone cream simply because it is far easier than self-administering a daily subcutaneous injection. Our testosterone creams are custom compounded by our partner pharmacy to suit each patient. The cream is applied once in the morning and once in the evening to the scrotum or inner thigh. Studies show that scrotal administration is up to eight times more effective than via skin elsewhere on the body.

One advantage of the cream over injections is that it increases good cholesterol levels (HDL). We also see the cream is more effective than injections at increasing dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Testosterone itself is a pretty inert hormone. Testosterone cream applied to your skin passes through hair follicles, and an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase converts it into the more powerful dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is about 10-100 times as biologically active as testosterone and offers improved erectile function, more energy, improved muscle gains, and improved weight loss. This conversion ultimately means you need less cream to get the same beneficial effects as injections. Because our custom creams are so much more potent than other commercial creams, it ultimately means even higher DHT levels.

Benefits of Testosterone Cream

  • Increased DHT over injectable testosterone cypionate
  • Increases good cholesterol more so than injectable
  • Improved libido and sexual satisfaction
  • Reduced bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased lean muscle mass and strength
  • Increased confidence, positivity, memory, and brain function
  • Reduced feelings of depression
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep
  • More equipped to deal with stress
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and relief from insulin resistance


Using our exclusive online assessment and easy at-home blood spot test means it is easier than ever to restore your hormone balance without expensive clinics and painful injections. Our daily bioidentical testosterone therapy offers consistent results mimicking your body’s natural hormone production.

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Frequently asked questions

HRT stands for hormone replacement therapy. Hormone levels are tested and medications are administered to help hormones such as testosterone and thyroid reach their optimum levels.

TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone is given to combat decreasing levels in men. This is to fight the usual signs and symptoms of aging such as fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido, and muscle loss.

We offer a daily injectable Testosterone Cypionate or a twice-daily Lipoderm cream. Both are bioidentical. We also prescribe Triclozene (Clomiphene Citrate) for men, which can help improve several aspects of male health, including low testosterone levels, hormone ratios and sperm production.

The benefits of HRT are extensive but include the following: healthy heart and blood, less fat, more muscle, stronger bones, improved libido, better sleep, improved memory, spatial ability and mental reasoning, improved mood, and better sex.

You can start your HRT journey by filling out our simple online hormone assessment here.

On average it takes approximately 7 business days from ordering your test kit to receiving your results. This is obviously dependent on how quickly you complete and return the test via free return postage. Once we have received your results, a dedicated medical provider will review this along with your online assessment to create your personalized treatment plan.

This is a very difficult question because there is no definitive answer. Everybody is biologically different and responds to the treatment differently. For detailed information, click here.

The test indicates whether you will benefit from this treatment and what your current hormone levels are. We can then know the proper medication to get your testosterone and thyroid to their optimum levels.

Our blood spot test measures 5 key hormone levels. It offers distinct advantages over traditional testing methods because it eliminates the need for a blood draw – saving patients time and money. Our blood spot test is a simple to use test that is done in the comfort of your own home. It involves a finger prick and 12 drops of blood dropped onto a card. We include free return postage with your test for your convenience.

Yes. HRT is safe when monitored by a licensed medical provider. This is why we require yearly testing and symptoms questionnaires every 2 months.

The treatment is effective for as long as you take it. Once you stop taking HRT your levels will return to the levels they were previously.

You will be charged $99 for the hormone test kit upon your order. Once approved for treatment, you will be charged every other month for your medication. You also will be charged a Medical Membership per month, which allows you to schedule unlimited consultations with your Male Excel medical provider.

What people say

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Mark TRT PATIENT “Since starting HRT, I have lost 25 lbs., lost 4" in my waist,my energy level has increased and my metabolism has really increased. In short, I feel at least 20 years younger!”
John TRT PATIENT “The process was easy. I had some questions but the doctor was excellent and was able to answer them all. The product has worked as advertised, I feel literally a hundred times better! Would recommend Male Excel!”
Jared TRT PATIENT “You guys are awesome, you are helping people get their physical and emotional life back. Always on time with medicine and up to date with follow up. I can't thank your team enough for that!! Keep up the positive work.”
Jeff TRT PATIENT “I was on low T treatment for about a week when I noticed the difference. I have new-found energy, mental clarity and the desire to go out and do things. Over the next few months it has gotten better and better."
Thomas TRT PATIENT “Male Excel has been great to work with and the medications have made a huge difference in my life. Energy levels, sleep, weight loss and sexual stamina. Thank you Male Excel!”
Chris TRT PATIENT “It has only been a couple of weeks but I'm already starting to feel a ton better. Renewed energy and mental clarity has me back to my old self or at least seeing that I can get there. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Male Excel.”