Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy

What does thyroid have to do with your testosterone? More than you think! Keep reading to find out thyroid’s critical role in your success with hormone replacement therapy.


Symptoms of Low Thyroid in Men

For men struggling with issues related to thyroid levels, treating the symptoms can be a confusing task unless you know what to look for, such as:


Can Thyroid Problems Cause Low Testosterone?

Hormone optimization is a team sport. What most people don’t know is that your thyroid hormone plays a crucial role. Thyroid hormones, made by your thyroid gland, help the body use energy, regulate temperature and keep the brain, heart, muscles, and other organs and functions working as they should. One such function is testosterone production. When your thyroid underperforms, your testosterone levels can take a hit.

Thyroid issues are very common in men and, if left untreated, may sabotage your testosterone optimization efforts.

  • Lower testosterone levels in the blood​
  • Lower levels of sex hormone binding globulin
  • Lead to erectile dysfunction


Testing for Thyroid Problems in Men

Your thyroid supports testosterone production, but thyroid hormones often go overlooked. The industry standard to check thyroid function is a TSH test (thyroid-stimulating hormone). Unfortunately, TSH tests are inadequate at measuring the true state of your thyroid health. Male Excel uses a superior free T3 test that measures how much active thyroid hormone is free for your body to use.

Our specialists assess your free T3 levels along with any symptoms you experience to get a complete picture of your hormone health.

You can only accurately diagnose thyroid problems using the correct tests and proper knowledge of the symptoms. Order your hormone test for $99 today to discover if low thyroid is holding you back.


Thyroid Therapy for Men

Why are some men wildly successful with HRT, while others struggle? A better question might be, is your HRT provider really treating the total source of your hormone problem?

When you choose Male Excel, the answer is ‘yes.’ That’s because we deliver the missing link — bioidentical testosterone and thyroid treatment. It’s the link that other online HRT clinics have yet to discover. It’s also the reason our treatments are so effective at eliminating your symptoms and why our patients experience such radical results.

Our combined treatments offer the most powerful route to balanced hormones and optimal testosterone. This spells the greatest difference between Male Excel and online HRT clinics that offer only testosterone treatment.


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