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Thyroid Therapy for Men

Testosterone and thyroid work together to balance and restore a man’s hormone levels and improve his overall health.

When most men start Hormone Replacement Therapy, they focus on testosterone. However, our medical providers find natural desiccated thyroid medications to be equally important in our patients seeing optimum results from their hormone treatment.

Symptoms of low thyroid or hypothyroidism in men.

If these symptoms sound familiar, then you may benefit from adding Desiccated Thyroid medication to your treatment program.

Natural desiccated thyroid

Both Male Excel HRT starter plans include desiccated thyroid: an all-natural thyroid medication. Because of its natural origin, desiccated thyroid mimics real thyroid hormone production far more closely than synthetic versions. Healthy thyroid levels are imperative to an effective hormone treatment.

This is because the thyroid has a direct effect on testosterone levels. In other words, if you are suffering from untreated low thyroid, you won’t see the best results from your testosterone therapy. For this reason, it is important to treat your thyroid and testosterone levels in tandem.

There are many benefits to thyroid hormone replacement therapy. These include: