Testosterone Cypionate Injections

We offer injectable Testosterone Cypionate — science-backed medication that delivers life-changing results.


What Is Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone injections are the most affordable form of treatment prescribed for men with low testosterone (hypogonadism). Left untreated, low testosterone can pose many serious consequences to your quality of life… and as you age, the negative impact will only get worse. The good news is, it doesn’t have to. Testosterone Cypionate is an injectable medication that treats low testosterone in men, safely and effectively. Our treatment optimizes your testosterone levels, helping to relieve the many symptoms of low T and give you back your vitality. Drive. Confidence. Mental clarity. And so much more. Curious whether Testosterone Cypionate is right for you? Find out in less than two minutes with our free online assessment.


Why Do Men Get Testosterone Injections?

Men lose an average of 1.6% of their testosterone per year¹. As levels decrease, frustrating symptoms increase. They include weight gain, fatigue, mental fog, low sex drive and more. With Male Excel’s at-home testosterone injections, you can minimize your symptoms and enjoy results like these:


“When I started TRT with Male Excel, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew something needed to change. I was tired of brain fog, lack of energy, poor concentration, being easily aggravated and feeling like I was just going through the motions. I am currently eight months in and wow! I have a ton of energy, my brain fog is gone, and I feel like I have my drive back!

Aaron, Verified Male Excel Patient


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How to Use Testosterone Cypionate

Unlike other testosterone injections, our Testosterone Cypionate injections offer greater ease and comfort to you in three important ways:


Types of Testosterone Injections

Other Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) clinics prescribe weekly or monthly testosterone injections. However, this approach puts your testosterone on a potentially harmful roller coaster. To avoid this side effect, we prescribe once-daily TRT injections, which mimic your body’s natural cycle of testosterone.


Testosterone Cypionate Cost

Testosterone cypionate cost depends on the dosage your body needs. To find that out, you’ll first need to schedule your online consultation with a Male Excel medical provider. This consultation is your chance to go over your symptoms, medical history and get your questions answered about treatment. With your order, you’ll also receive a hormone test kit to check your levels at home. The cost is only $99.

Your order includes:


Patient Stories

Read the success stories from men using Male Excel and enjoying their best life because of it…

Mark VERIFIED TRT PATIENT “Male Excel has definitely changed my life for the better. I always felt I had low testosterone and finally decided to take a test for it. Sure enough I was right. I was extremely low. I got started on Male Excel and things have improved constantly.”
John VERIFIED TRT PATIENT “Since being on HRT for 8+ months, my symptoms of depression, mood swings, low energy and non-existent libido have subsided and I feel like myself again. I am very happy with my experience with Male Excel and hope to continue having them treat me.”
Jared VERIFIED TRT PATIENT “Since working with Male Excel, they have helped address thyroid and T issues. I’m now able to be confident and consistent with my wife again and am able to enjoy fitness again. I have energy, better able to focus throughout the day, it’s great.”
Chad VERIFIED TRT PATIENT “Since I have started with Male Excel I sleep better, have more energy throughout the day, just feel better in general. I’ve gained muscle and lost fat, I feel closer to 25 years old instead of 49. The customer service is second to none.”
Lee VERIFIED TRT PATIENT “I started testosterone cream and thyroid a little over three months ago and am on my second cycle. The product is great and easy to use (no huge needles!) and my experience with Dr. Fotinos has been outstanding. I am already feeling some changes in energy levels”
Hunter VERIFIED TRT PATIENT “I am an active, athletic 53-year-old male who has been on this program for around a year. While it took about four weeks to really notice the results, ever since then I have been extremely pleased with the results.”


Where to Buy Testosterone Cypionate Injections

If you’re struggling with low energy, libido, mood and metabolism, Testosterone Cypionate injections may be able to help. To find out, take a free assessment.