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Daily Testosterone Injections vs Weekly

Daily subcutaneous injections are the most effective way to mimic natural testosterone levels, ensuring optimal results.

Why daily testosterone injections are the best choice for TRT injections


  • Testosterone is a medication traditionally administered every 1-4 weeks via an intramuscular injection. However, this method is outdated and not as effective as daily subcutaneous injections.
  • The most advanced treatment available is bioidentical testosterone cypionate given daily via tiny subcutaneous injections (31 gauge insulin needle).
  • Daily administration maintains optimal hormone levels without the highs and lows experienced with weekly injections.
  • Often testosterone injections are given by a nurse or doctor in a clinic, but they can be self-administered at home.
  • Apart from the pain, the major flaw with intramuscular injections is that they lead to peaks and troughs. High levels of testosterone are achieved straight after injection, which then falls steadily until the next dose.
  • At Male Excel, our medical providers advise and recommend a lower dose daily subcutaneous injection using the same tiny needles used by millions of diabetics every day.

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What are the average testosterone levels for men?

Testosterone levels in men peak in their 20s and then start to decline from 35 onwards. Defining a normal testosterone level is not straightforward because levels vary significantly between people. In general, the ‘normal’ range in men is 270-1070 ng/dL. However, this range is wide, and because everybody is unique, what is normal for one man could be very different from the next.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) could be considered essential to men over the age of 40. TRT is used to regain levels to within the top 25% of ‘normal levels.’ We aim to get patients into the 800-1100 ng/dL bracket. Most men will start to notice benefits in the 600-700 ng/dL range. Suggested dosages for testosterone cypionate vary depending on the individual patient’s age, sex, and diagnosis. The dosage also depends on the patient’s response and relief from associated symptoms.

It is important to consider that everyone is different; blood testing your testosterone levels is only part of the story. A guy with a level of, say, 200 ng/dL will most likely feel symptoms of low testosterone, such as fatigue and low libido, whereas another with a level of 600 ng/dL may feel exactly the same. At Male Excel, we look at the patient’s symptoms as the primary indicator of a testosterone deficiency, along with the blood test results, for a complete picture.

Common symptoms of low testosterone

  • A drop in energy
  • Memory fog, lack of focus and concentration
  • Lack of libido
  • Erection problems
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Weight gain
  • Inability to gain muscle

Because all men feel the effects of testosterone deficiency differently, it is vital to look closely at the symptoms and the blood test. Only then can our providers create a customized treatment plan for each patient.

What types of testosterone injections are there?

The standard method of administration for testosterone is via injection, of which there are two types: intramuscular or subcutaneous. Usually, intramuscular injections are given every 1 to 4 weeks and are very painful. On the Male Excel hormone replacement program, subcutaneous injections are self-administered daily and virtually painless.

Weekly intramuscular testosterone injections

Intramuscular injections (IM) use a 1-1.5-inch-long needle. The medication is injected deep into the muscular tissue into the thigh or glutes. This type of testosterone injection is usually given once every 1-4 weeks in varying doses depending on your needs. The main problem with this method is it’s painful and often has to be given by a medical professional. It also means regular time out of work and added costs.

One fundamental fact is that these high dosage injections lead to a spike in levels that reduce until the next dose. This method offers inconsistent testosterone levels that do not follow the same daily natural testosterone production pattern in your body. Testosterone is best delivered daily to achieve consistent and optimum performance. Daily injections mimic your body’s natural production of testosterone. 

IM injections peak your testosterone levels within 18-24 hours, and then they gradually fall back to your base level. Unfortunately, with supplemental testosterone, your body recognizes the additional amount and then slows your natural production. So, after a few days, you may have a lower testosterone level than you did in the first place. Daily injections help avoid this yo-yo effect.

Daily subcutaneous testosterone injections

This type of injection uses a tiny 0.5-inch skinny needle just like that used by millions of people with diabetes worldwide. These injections are administered in the fat layer, usually in the leg, and cause far less pain and discomfort. They can be done at home and are more effective than the weekly injections, due to mimicking your body’s natural production. 

Our injectable bioidentical testosterone cypionate comes in a 10 mL vial at a potency of 200 mg/mL. Usually, patients will start with around 0.15 mL per day, but this can vary depending on what your provider prescribes.

The main advantage of a daily injection is that a regular lower dose (typical dosage ranges from 0.10 mL – 0.25 mL per day) offers optimum testosterone support for your system. Daily injections mean no spike or drop in levels for optimal results.

The advantages of daily subcutaneous testosterone injections

  • Improved testosterone balance, no peaks or troughs.
  • Much easier to administer than painful intramuscular injections into the hip or glutes.
  • Far less painful with smaller gauge needles, doesn’t damage the muscles with constant intramuscular injection.
  • No risk of accidentally damaging your sciatic nerve
  • Can be self-administered with no time wasted going to a clinic.

What does Male Excel recommend?

Here at Male Excel, we feel that the advantages of daily subcutaneous injections far outweigh the use of big needles injected deep into the muscle. A lower daily dose with a tiny, almost painless needle is a much better option for self-administration within the home. This method is more effective than intramuscular injections, causes less pain, and takes away the need to go into a clinic. With a constant testosterone level in your system, instead of a spike that slowly diminishes, your body will get the maximum benefit from optimum levels at all times.

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