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As men age, testosterone levels naturally decline. This decline can cause low libido, muscle loss, weight gain all things that cause low energy in men. But does testosterone increase energy levels in men? Most men find when restoring hormones to the optimal levels of youth their energy levels quickly jump, along with, motivation and sexual desire.

The Secret Formula to Renewed Energy

Low testosterone levels in men commonly lead to fatigue and low energy levels. So, it stands to reason that restoring testosterone to optimal levels can usually help relieve low energy issues.

Testosterone replacement (TRT) therapy boosts your hormones to the natural levels of youth and reverses many low T symptoms. Many men feel reinvigorated and energized early into their treatment - one of the first benefits they experience when starting testosterone replacement therapy.

If, like many men, you find yourself waking up feeling tired and dragging yourself out of bed every day, it could be for several reasons. Stress, poor diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, and underlying conditions are all possible contributing factors. However, when it comes to low energy, men often don't realize that their hormones are often to blame, and TRT is a safe effective route to feeling more energized.

What Causes Low Energy in Men?

People have so much on their plates these days. Many don't live to their full potential. Instead of truly 'living,' life becomes a balancing act between home life, work, and endless rushing around.
Let's face many of us are unintentionally on autopilot.

Convenience foods, lack of gym time, running on empty, a sedentary lifestyle, and the fact that men's testosterone levels are historically lower than our grandparents all lead to low energy

Life is tiring enough, but as we age and time passes, testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. Due to the fast pace of life, many men are unaware that their energy levels may have fallen simply due to reduced hormone levels. Sound familiar?

What's the solution?

"With hormone replacement therapy and some simple lifestyle changes, most men can experience a life-changing health revival - future-proofing their long-term health. For many people, an increase in energy levels is one of the first benefits they experience when they start their bioidentical hormone replacement therapy journey."

Dr. Peter Fotinos, MD. Medical Director Male Excel.

Constantly Tired? 5 Signs Your Hormones Could Be to Blame.

5 simple signs indicate that you may benefit and experience a surge in energy with HRT.

  • You constantly feel drained.
  • You're running on empty, no matter how much sleep you get.
  • Every day is an uphill battle.
  • Workouts that were a breeze are now a struggle.
  • You feel unmotivated and have lost your drive.
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See if TRT Can Help

How Does TRT Restore Energy Levels?

Bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT) therapy vastly improves energy levels. Many patients experience increased energy levels and motivation within weeks of starting their treatment. 

  • Replenishing testosterone and thyroid hormones can bring cortisol (the stress hormone) and estrogen into balance - dramatically improving energy levels.
  • As we age, hormone levels diminish, leading to a loss of motivation, energy, and sexual desire. Our ground-breaking therapies can reverse the downward spiral giving you a new lease on life.
  • Thyroid issues cause your metabolism to slow down to a snail's pace, and you will struggle to obtain energy from your food. Our programs include natural thyroid to restore metabolism, increase energy levels, and increase your fat-burning power.
  • Fading energy is not something you just blame on 'getting older.' In many cases, it's your hormones to blame - and we can fix that.

Increase Free Testosterone Levels for More Energy

98% of your testosterone is bound to proteins and molecules in your blood. Consequently, it becomes inaccessible for your body to use. Total testosterone levels fall by, on average, 1.6% per year, and free or bioavailable levels fall even more by 2%-3% per year. So, as you age, it takes its toll on energy levels, libido, and more.

A significant proportion of your testosterone binds to a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). As men age, SHBG levels tend to go up. So, as levels increase, more testosterone becomes bound and unavailable for your body to use. The result is declining energy levels, weight gain, lean muscle loss, and sex drive.

5 Energy-Boosting Tips for Low Testosterone

"I always recommend looking at hormone levels and symptoms first," says Peter Fotinos, MD, Medical Director at Male Excel. "Then we can look at diet, supplements, lifestyle, and exercise as ways to further increase the benefits of HRT."

Dr. Fotionos offers 5 of his top suggestions on how men can boost energy and break free from testosterone-related fatigue:

Check Hormone Levels and, More Importantly, Your Symptoms.

Men typically start to feel the effects of reduced hormone levels from around 38-40 years old. Low testosterone can be one of the major contributing factors leading to fatigue. Low testosterone, low thyroid hormones, low vitamin D3, and lifestyle all impact men's energy levels and sexual desire. Medications such as antidepressants and some painkillers can also cause fatigue, making matters worse. Addressing symptoms and correcting hormone levels again puts you in the driving seat, increasing energy levels and reigniting your sexual desire.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Get plenty of sleep. Men produce testosterone while they sleep. It's pretty simple: the less sleep, the less testosterone you have. Lack of sleep makes you exhausted, and stress levels increase. As a result, the stress hormone cortisol further pushes down testosterone levels, leaving you exhausted with a severe lack of motivation. The answer is to restore testosterone levels to optimal using TRT. Optimized hormones push cortisol levels down, making you less stressed and restoring the ability to have a great night's sleep. So you wake up feeling refreshed.

Eat Healthily

Eat a healthy diet. If you eat trash, you will feel like trash. Processed food, sugar, saturated fats, and simple carbohydrates will make you gain weight, and your energy levels will fall drastically. In addition, too much alcohol, smoking, and illegal drugs all have energy-draining effects, so try to cut them out as much as possible. Alcohol causes fatigue and lowers testosterone levels, so drink only in moderation. Eat fresh, unprocessed food, and if you can, make it yourself, then you know precisely what you are eating.

Break a Sweat and Get Moving.

Exercise will naturally increase testosterone levels and feel-good hormones like dopamine and adrenalin. Training should be enjoyable, so don't feel you have to crush it 2 hours a day at the gym. Walking after meals for 10 minutes, riding a bike, or swimming are great ways to increase the feel-good factor. Doing 30 minutes of resistant weight training twice a week will increase muscle strength and, coupled with TRT, reduces fat fast. Ultimately exercise increases energy levels and improves overall health, which helps fight age-related diseases.

Start a Male Excel Testosterone Treatment Plan

Our hormone replacement plans can help reverse conditions that make you feel exhausted. Our patients often experience relief from type 2 diabetes, depression, and obesity and can reverse muscle loss following our programs. Most men feel invigorated once their hormones become optimized by our provider-prescribed treatments. HRT can protect you from many age-related diseases, improve your physical appearance, transform your mental health, and ultimately restore the energy levels of youth.

Testosterone and Thyroid Hormones Increase Energy 

  • Testosterone increases red blood cell count via a process called erythropoiesis. This increase in red blood cell levels improves your blood's oxygen-carrying capacity from your lungs to tissue cells in every part of your body. Just like every cell in your body needs energy, every cell requires oxygen. When you start your treatment, red blood cells multiply quickly, and most people experience an almost instant increase in energy.
  • Thyroid hormones have over 200 beneficial effects on your body. They help your body burn fat - providing you with more energy. Restoring Thyroid hormones increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR), meaning you burn off fat even when doing nothing.
  • Restoring optimal testosterone levels leads to reduced symptoms of depression, reduced stress, and improved mental well-being. If you are mentally sharper, most people experience significantly increased energy levels.

Does testosterone increase energy levels?

Declining testosterone affects you physically, but it also impacts your mental well-being.

Testosterone increases energy and strength, motivating you to succeed and achieve your goals. If your levels decline, motivation levels drop, leading to a lack of desire to succeed in your health goals. Testosterone, especially dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the active (more powerful) form of testosterone, gives men that extra 'grrrr.

Crucially, restoring optimal testosterone levels leads to reduced symptoms of depression and decreased stress levels. Studies 1 show that TRT improves mood in men and women, 2 leading to an improved state of mind and body.

So, Does Testosterone Increase Energy? With BHRT from Male Excel, patients often report decreased anger and feelings of hostility, more patience, improved mood, and reduced fatigue and nervousness. And most importantly, most patients experience increased energy and motivation.

Any questions, like does testosterone increase energy levels? Schedule a free consult with one of our hormone specialists today. 

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What Our Patients Say

What people say:

"I've been taking my treatments for a week now. What a difference! Energy and focus during the day, and I can get to sleep without my nightly sleeping pills. Spike is coming back online too but a little slower than I expected."

Marcus C. HRT Patient

"Tonight marks my 2-week anniversary of taking my testosterone treatment... My wife said to me 'there you are', and I realized there's so much more than that once every few months burst of energy, but that growling, biting, crazy, just playful lovemaking."

Marcus, 47 HRT PATIENT

"Been on treatment for 2 months and I can honestly say I've got a lot more energy and I'm starting to sleep better! Thanks to everyone at Male Excel and a shout out to Eric Lamb who's been helping me on my journey to feeling better!"


"Wow...I was at 118! 600-700 below what it should be. I was on low T treatment for about a week when I noticed the difference. Newfound energy, mental clarity and the desire to get out and do things. Over the next few months it got better and better."


"My energy went way up. That was a huge difference. My eyesight increased greatly too. It got much better with the program."


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