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What is the best testosterone replacement therapy? (TRT) It is a common question for men looking to optimize their hormones and feel this life-changing treatment's benefits. TRT is a treatment for people with abnormally low testosterone levels to restore optimal hormone balance and promote healthy aging. Common symptoms of low T include decreased muscle mass, lower sex drive, middle-age spread, and fatigue. Testosterone medication is often prescribed in pills, patches, creams, pellets, troches, and injections.

Bioidentical Hormones are Best

The latest and most effective hormones available are called bioidentical. These hormones have the same molecular structure as those your body produces naturally. Because they are chemically the same as those in the human body, they promote the same positive benefits as the real thing. Bioidentical testosterone rarely causes any side effects, and patients tend to experience greater well-being and vigor. 

We only recommend two options for the best testosterone replacement therapy - daily testosterone injections and a twice-daily lipoderm cream. All other methods fail to follow the principle that natural testosterone production happens daily and that all TRT protocols should recreate the body's daily cycle.

Testosterone Injections

Testosterone cypionate is commonly injected in large doses into the gluteal muscle every 1-3 weeks. However, this method is proving to be dated and, in our experience, problematic. The latest research shows that low-dose, daily injections promote far more benefits because this method mimics the body's natural hormone cycle.

There are two types of injections available: intramuscular and subcutaneous.

  • Intramuscular injections:  This is a painful method where a long needle punctures the skin directly deep into the muscle. This type of therapy uses testosterone at an unnaturally high dose at weekly or bi-weekly intervals - creating an unnatural spike in hormone levels that eventually crash until your next dose.
  • Subcutaneous injections: This type of injection is by far the best option for your short and long-term health. You inject the testosterone using a tiny needle about 0.5 inches long into the fat layer just under the skin. Subcutaneous injections are for daily use at a far lower dose. Daily injections promote stable hormone levels - just like when you were younger.

Male Excel's typical dosage ranges from 0.10ml - to 0.25ml daily. We offer a daily dose to avoid a spike in testosterone. Having a steady supply rather than a large dose all at once is far better. The thought of giving yourself an injection often puts people off this treatment, but in reality, it's pretty painless, and most patients get used to it quickly.

Testosterone Lipoderm Cream

The other option we offer is testosterone Lipoderm cream. Many patients consider the question, What is the best testosterone replacement therapy for them? and many opt for the cream to avoid self-injecting.

The cream is applied to the skin to administer testosterone into your system. It is for treating hypogonadism and increasing testosterone levels in your body. Testosterone cream is applied to the scrotum; the typical dosage ranges from 0.25ml to 4ml per day. Importantly, our testosterone creams are around 20 times more potent than most available through your standard providers.

Most doctors and clinics prescribe off-the-shelf creams that will only ever get your testosterone levels into the 'normal range' of just over 300ng/Dl. Normal testosterone levels are pretty much useless and are not the same as optimal.

Our cream should get you in the upper end of optimal, which is 900-1200ng/Dl. Only at optimal levels will you see your symptoms reduce, be able to burn fat, build muscle, and feel the energy of youth return. 

Precautions with Testosterone Cream

Certain precautions are vital to ensure cross-contamination doesn't occur, as with all testosterone creams. Topical testosterone creams can cause side effects in women, children, and pets. In children, side effects can be serious, including early-onset puberty, aggressiveness, enlarged genitals, excessive hair growth, and acne. In women, it is hazardous during pregnancy, where it can cause congenital disabilities.

However, by using the correct precautions, you can eradicate the risks.

  • Do not allow the treated area to come into contact with other people
  • Cover the treated area 20 minutes after application
  • Don't allow others to touch clothes or bedding which has come into contact with creams
  • Don't stoke animals after applying the cream
  • Wash hands thoroughly after application

What is the Best Testosterone Therapy for Me? Cream or Injections?

Which is the best testosterone replacement therapy for you is tricky because everyone has their own needs. Most clinics offer injectable testosterone once a week or even every two weeks. In our experience, this is the wrong protocol to follow. These injections are painful for several days afterward and can give you a spike in testosterone, which diminishes until the next dose. Using a smaller dose daily helps avoid the highs and lows, providing more consistent levels - significantly reducing the 'pain factor.' 

Our creams provide optimal testosterone levels and are easy to apply. You should avoid sexual contact if you used the cream less than 4 hours ago due to scrotal application. You also must make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after each application.

Both testosterone delivery options we recommend will get you to optimal hormone levels. The cream is slightly better for reducing cholesterol and increasing DHT. However, the cream may be inconvenient if you have young children due to transference issues. But many men love that the injections are once daily instead of applying the cream in the morning and evening. 

If you want to see how TRT could change your life, why not try our free online assessment to see if low T is holding you back?