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It's hard to work out what are the best testosterone injections with so many contradictory articles online. Our Bioidentical Testosterone Cypionate injections are easy to administer at home and are typically shipped in a 10ml vial at a potency of 200mg/ml. Usually, patients will start injecting 0.15ml per day in the upper thigh area. Bioidentical hormones are manmade from natural plant estrogens.

These hormones are chemically identical to those the human body produces. Each ml of our 200 mg/mL solution contains Testosterone cypionate 200 mg, Benzyl benzoate 0.2 mL, grapeseed oil 560 mg (cotton seed upon request), and Benzyl alcohol (a preservative) 9.45 mg. 

We ship your testosterone vial along with a supply of 60 insulin needles so that you can self-administer the medication. These tiny needles are identical to those used by diabetics daily throughout the United States. They are almost pain-free and administered just under the skin into the upper-fat layer of your thigh.

Historically, testosterone cypionate injections had a reputation as a medication for bodybuilders and those with Low T. However, men are now looking to maintain optimum levels to benefit their long-term health. This primary male hormone affects many aspects of men's health, including muscle mass, body fat, bone density, mood, longevity, and sex drive.

What Will Testosterone Injections do for Me?

Testosterone cypionate is an androgen and anabolic steroid mainly used to treat low testosterone in men and to improve symptoms of low testosterone. Traditionally these injections were intramuscular, but some clinics now see better results with daily subcutaneous injections.

Testosterone therapy is becoming increasingly popular for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving general well-being. It is an excellent way of keeping your sex hormones at optimum levels with a high degree of control, potentially protecting you from many age-related diseases.

What Benefits Could I See From Testosterone Cypionate Injections?

  1. Healthy heart and muscles. Those with low testosterone are at a higher risk of cardiovascular problems. In one study of 83,000 US veterans, those with testosterone levels within normal ranges were 24% less likely to suffer a heart attack and 36% less likely to have a stroke.
  2. More muscle mass and decreased fat. Many men experience a marked increase in muscle mass under testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Also, many report an increase in strength and, crucially, a decrease in overall fat mass, particularly belly fat (visceral fat).
  3. Stronger Bones. People with low T are more likely to develop osteoporosis, a condition that weakens the bones making them more likely to break. Studies show testosterone therapy is effective as a preventative for this condition and makes bones stronger.
  4. Sharper mental ability. Research shows that men with higher levels of testosterone in older age are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease. It is also can improve memory, mental processing, and mental arithmetic capabilities.
  5. Better overall mood. Being middle-aged generally sucks; your stomach heads south, muscles flop, and the motivation to exercise dwindles. TRT could prove effective for those suffering from depression. Low T symptoms include irritability, fatigue, low self-esteem, weight gain, and loss of libido, so it is unsurprising that optimum levels can improve mood.
  6. Better Sex. When a man is sexually excited, testosterone levels increase. Men with higher levels are generally more sexually active. As men age, testosterone levels drop along with libido and, for many, the ability to achieve erections. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not exclusively a result of low T and may have other underlying causes. TRT can improve erectile function and overall sexual satisfaction.

What Types of Injections are there?

There are two types of testosterone injections, intramuscular and subcutaneous. Usually, intramuscular injections are weekly or bi-weekly and subcutaneously daily.

A few different types of testosterone are available, but at Male Excel, we offer testosterone cypionate or testosterone cream. Click here to learn why and more about testosterone cypionate vs. enanthate.

Intramuscular Testosterone Injections

A 1-1.5-inch-long needle injects medication deep into the muscular tissue. With Intramuscular injections, the nurse or doctor inserts the needle at 90 degrees into the thigh or Glutes (Butt), where the shot absorbers quickly into the system. This type of testosterone injection is usually once every 2-4 weeks in varying dosages, depending on your needs.

This method can be painful and often requires a medical professional's assistance. It also means regular time out of work and added cost.

High-dose injections lead to a spike in levels and therefore are not the best testosterone injections because they levels reduce over time until the next dose. This is not ideal in that testosterone is best delivered at a constant level to achieve consistent and optimum performance.

Subcutaneous Testosterone Cypionate Injections

Now we have got the worst out of the way, let us introduce what we consider the best testosterone injections. 'Subcutaneous Testosterone Cypionate Injections.'

If like many, you hate the thought of big needles, this may be the answer you have been looking for. This type of injection uses a small, thin needle, similar to those used by millions of people with diabetes worldwide.

When you inject testosterone into subcutaneous fat, the absorption is slower than in muscle. This is beneficial in maintaining constant hormone levels with fewer side effects.

Testosterone Cypionate Injections are administered in the thigh or shoulder, causing far less pain and discomfort for the patient. It can be done at home and is just as effective as the alternative.

One huge advantage is that a regular lower dose (typical dosage ranges from 0.10mg - 0.25mg daily) offers optimum testosterone support for your system. The best testosterone injections mean no spike or drop in levels, so you will always be in top gear!

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What does Male Excel Recommend?

We believe that the benefits of daily subcutaneous testosterone injections outweigh the drawbacks of larger needles injected into the muscle. A lower daily dose with a tiny needle is a much better option for self-administration within the home. Apart from the pain factor, there is mounting evidence that these 'virtually painless' injections are just as effective as the alternative.

There is also strong support for daily low-dose therapy in favor of higher doses weekly. With a constant level of testosterone in the system as opposed to a spike that slowly diminishes, your body will get the maximum benefit from optimum levels at all times.