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Our Testosterone Cypionate injections are easy to use at home and typically shipped in a 10ml vial at 200mg/ml potency. Usually, patients start with around 0.15ml per day, which should be administered daily in the upper thigh area. Bioidentical hormones are manufactured and derived from natural plant estrogens. On a molecular level, these hormones are identical to those the human body naturally produces. Each ml of our 200 mg/mL solution contains Testosterone cypionate 200 mg, Benzyl benzoate 0.2 mL, Cottonseed oil 560 mg, and Benzyl alcohol (a preservative) 9.45 mg.

For this daily therapy to be as convenient as possible, we ship your testosterone treatments - your testosterone vial along with a supply of 60 insulin needles - discreetly for your convenience and comfort. These tiny needles are identical to those used by people with diabetes daily throughout the United States. Subcutaneous injections are almost pain-free, with the micro-needle inserted just under the skin into the upper-fat layer in your thigh.

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What Will Testosterone Injections Do for Me?

Generally, people assume testosterone is a medication for bodybuilders and those with low T. However, men are now looking to maintain optimum levels to benefit their long-term health. This primarily male hormone affects many aspects of a man's general health, including muscle mass, body fat, bone density, mood, longevity, and sex drive. Many men have reported it can make them feel like they are 20 again.

The simple sight of a hypodermic needle sends chills down the spine of most, but is it that bad? There are a couple of different types of injection when it comes to testosterone and, thankfully, a simple home method even for the most squeamish.

For those looking at testosterone therapy to maintain a healthy lifestyle or improve certain aspects of their general well-being, injections are becoming more popular than ever. Injections are a fantastic way of maintaining optimum levels with a high degree of control.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Injections?

Healthy heart and muscles. 

Testosterone promotes red cell production, and low testosterone increases cardiovascular risk. One study of 83,000 US veterans found that those whose T levels were within normal ranges were 24% less likely to suffer a heart attack and 36% less likely to have a stroke.

More Muscle and Decreased Fat. 

Testosterone is essential when it comes to reducing sarcopenia and building lean muscle. Many men experience a marked increase in muscle mass under testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Also, many report an increase in strength and, crucially, a decrease in overall fat mass. These benefits are increased along with regular exercise and eating healthily.

Stronger Bones. 

People who suffer from hypogonadism (Low-T) often develop osteoporosis, a condition that weakens the bones, making them fragile and more likely to break. Testosterone therapy for optimum levels is proven effective as a preventative for this condition and strengthens bones.

Sharper Mental Ability. 

Testosterone increases mental capacity in men. Research shows that men with higher testosterone levels in old age are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease. It also improves memory, mental processing, and mental arithmetic capabilities.

Better Overall Mood. 

Let's face it: being middle-aged can be a challenge. Your stomach heads south, muscles flop, you get tired looking at the treadmill, and you are turning into the archetypal 'Grumpy Old Man.'  TRT could be effective for those suffering from depression. Symptoms of reduced testosterone include irritability, fatigue, low self-esteem, weight gain, and loss of libido, so it is hardly surprising that maintaining optimum levels can improve your mood.

Better Libido. 

When a man is sexually excited, his testosterone levels naturally increase, and men with higher levels are generally more sexually active. As men age, their testosterone levels drop along with libido and the ability to achieve erections. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not exclusively a result of low T and may have other underlying causes. However, TRT can improve erectile function and overall sexual satisfaction in general.

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Hormones and healthy aging. Check your levels today

From better bone health to increased energy, see if optimizing your hormones could be the key.

What Types of Injections Are There?

The most common method of taking testosterone is via injection, of which there are two types: intramuscular or subcutaneous. Usually, intramuscular injections are weekly or bi-weekly, but at Male Excel, we prescribe daily subcutaneous injections.

Intramuscular Testosterone Injections

Intramuscular injections are the land of the brave, where you use a 1-1.5 inch long needle to inject the medication deep into the muscular tissue. You give Intramuscular injections at 90 degrees into the thigh or Glutes (Butt), where the shot quickly absorbs into the system. Most clinics provide testosterone injections once every 2-4 weeks in varying doses, depending on your needs.

The main problem with this method is that it can be very painful and requires a visit to the clinic so a nurse can give you the injection. It also means regular time out of work and also added cost.

One crucial fact is that these high-dosage injections lead to a spike in levels that drop until the next injection. It is best to keep testosterone constant to achieve consistent and optimum performance, one major flaw in this type of therapy.

Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections

Now that we have got the worst out of the way let us introduce subcutaneous testosterone injections. You are not alone if you cannot bear the thought of a big old needle, so this may be the answer. This type of injection uses a tiny 0.5-inch micro-needle like those used by millions of people with diabetes worldwide daily.

These injections go just under the skin in the upper thigh or shoulder. Done at home, they also cause the patient far less pain and discomfort. Subcutaneous testosterone cypionate injections are as, if not more, effective than intramuscular.

One huge advantage is that a more regular lower dose (typical dosage ranges from 0.10ml - 0.25m daily) offers optimum testosterone support for your system. Daily administration means no spike or drop in levels, so you will always be in top gear!

What Does Male Excel Recommend?

Here at Male Excel, we feel that the advantages of daily subcutaneous injections far outweigh the use of big, scary needles injected deep into the muscle. A lower daily dose with a tiny, almost painless needle is a much better option for self-administration within the home. Apart from the pain factor, there is gathering evidence that these 'virtually painless' injections are more effective as the alternative.

There is also strong support for daily low-dose therapy in favor of higher doses weekly. With a constant level of testosterone in your system instead of a spike that slowly diminishes, your body will get the maximum benefit from optimum levels at all times. The normal range is between 300 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter) and 1000 ng/dL.

Microdosing Testosterone

A healthy young man typically produces an average of 6 mg of testosterone daily. However, slightly over half of this testosterone becomes locked away because it binds to a protein called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Roughly 44% of testosterone attaches to a protein called albumin. The final, while 2-3%, remains unbound and is called free testosterone. Your body can only use free testosterone and testosterone that binds to albumin.

Weekly or Daily Testosterone Injections

Traditional testosterone injections are administered intramuscularly, once weekly or every two weeks, typically at 200-250mg per injection. Logically, this translates to around 14-17mg of testosterone daily. However, this assumption is far from accurate.

Most research on testosterone injections at the 200mg dosage level shows that blood testosterone levels rapidly reach supra-physiological (unnaturally high) levels within 1-3 days. They then gradually decline to baseline levels over 8-10 days. During this period, testosterone remains optimal for only about 50-60% of the time frame.

When testosterone levels are excessively high, a surplus of testosterone can convert into dihydrotestosterone, which may adversely affect the prostate gland, hair follicles, and oil glands. It can also convert into estradiol, potentially leading to increased breast tissue growth (gynecomastia).

The Advantages of Daily Testosterone Injections

Daily testosterone microdosing offers three advantages over conventional weekly or biweekly testosterone injections.

  • Firstly, with microdosing, testosterone is injected subcutaneously just beneath the skin's surface using a tiny insulin syringe, which is more comfortable than the 1-1.5 inch needles used for intramuscular injections.
  • Secondly, by administering smaller daily doses (e.g., 10mg), you consistently maintain an optimal testosterone level daily, avoiding unnatural spikes.
  • Thirdly, the daily approach prolongs the life of your testosterone vial because you're using smaller amounts each day.

Male Excel Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Whether or not you are experiencing reduced testosterone symptoms is always down to the individual. Our healthcare providers will first ask you to complete our free online assessment. Once complete, this will help assess your symptoms accurately and enable them to make a proper diagnosis.

The next step after the assessment is to order a Blood Spot Test, which is only $99. The test is an at-home finger prick test that's quick and easy. We will cover the cost of the return shipment to our lab.

This test will provide free and total testosterone, free T3, estradiol, SHBG, and DHEA- S levels. Along with your health assessment, our team reviews all results. We always ensure you are a good candidate and have the correct starting dosage.

"Male excel has changed my life! I would recommend them to anyone considering trt. I was hesitant to use the company at first because they were so much less expensive than other companies offering the same service. I don't feel that any of these other companies could possibly compete with what Male Excel has offered. Try them you won't be disappointed!"

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