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Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Benefits of bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Male Excel’s Testosterone is 100% bioidentical. Unlike synthetic testosterone, bioidentical testosterone is nearly chemically identical to what your body naturally produces, making it the safest, most natural choice for your hormone replacement therapy.

Getting older is inevitable.
Feeling older is a choice.

As men age, their testosterone levels decrease, causing many of the symptoms of aging. This can be prevented and even reversed with Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy.

While online and traditional TRT clinics can cost upwards of $500 for the initial consult, we offer the same care and bioidentical treatment at a price most can afford. Don’t accept the adverse symptoms of aging any longer.

Testosterone Injections

Starting at $90/month

A bioidentical form of testosterone injected into the thigh or upper arm once daily. Price includes thyroid medication.

Testosterone Lipoderm Cream

Starting at $120/month

A bioidentical form of testosterone rubbed into the groin area twice daily. Price includes thyroid medication.

What results can I expect from TRT?

Because testosterone is a controlled substance that must be carefully monitored, it is required to have a video consult with a medical provider before testosterone can be prescribed.

Most men begin to see the benefits in as little as two weeks, but optimal TRT results can take several months.

To see the best possible results from your testosterone replacement treatment, thyroid medication will usually also be prescribed. Learn More

If at any point you need to see your provider, you can schedule a video or phone consultation. These consultations are included in your Medical Membership.

HRT patients will be sent a symptoms questionnaire every 2 months to see if changes in dosage are necessary to receive optimum results. Most men’s dosages will need to be increased, which will affect the price of the medication.
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