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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common among men over 40 in the United States. It is a medical condition that stops you from getting and keeping an erection. Many men don't seek help when they struggle with ED due to embarrassment and the inability to talk with their doctor, but we wanted to change that and make it easier for men to get the help they need.

Erectile dysfunction could indicate serious heart issues, and speaking to a medical provider is crucial to rule out anything serious. The good news is that, in most cases, ED is easily treatable.

What Causes an Erection?

When you are sexually aroused, nerves in the penis become stimulated. The brain sends impulses to a pair of sponge-like voids called the corpora cavernosa, causing it to relax and allowing blood to flow into the penis. As blood fills the void, it creates pressure making the penis erect. Then, a fibrous membrane called the tunica albuginea contracts trapping blood inside your penis until you reach orgasm or stop feeling aroused.

Common ED medications called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5) work by increasing blood flow to your penis. To do this, drugs such as Viagra® block the enzyme PHE5. Blocking this enzyme relaxes blood vessels, increasing blood flow to your penis.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

More often than not, ED is lifestyle-related due to poor diet, smoking, and alcohol abuse. However, there are many other causes as well, including:

  • Atherosclerosis: A condition where your arteries become restricted with plaque. They then narrow and harden, limiting blood flow to the penis. It is often associated with high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Often associated with obesity, diabetes affects nerves and blood flow
    Hormonal conditions: Low testosterone, hyperthyroidism, or Cushing's syndrome
  • High blood pressure: Damages the arteries that transport blood to the penis
  • Multiple sclerosis: Affects your central nervous system
  • Parkinson's disease: Alters your brain and how it releases important hormones
  • Nerve or spinal damage: Effects signals around the body
  • Prostate cancer: Surgery, treatment, and the medication used to treat prostate cancer commonly cause ED
  • Peyronie's disease: A condition where tissue develops in the penis, often resulting in a curved penis.

Other factors that can cause ED include:

  • Smoking
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Poor Diet
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Recreational drug use
  • Relationship problems
  • Sleep disorders

Some medications cause temporary ED, such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and opioids like codeine. 

Diet and exercise play a massive role in your sex drive and the ability to gain an erection. Things like alcohol are depressants and decrease the blood flow to your penis. Fried foods are also known to lower libido due to high trans-fat levels.

Not exercising can lead to tiring quickly, feeling self-conscious, and not wanting to be seen naked, leading to more severe issues like diabetes, heart issues, and more. Ultimately, the better shape you're in, the less likely you will suffer from ED.

Age and Erectile Dysfunction

The prevalence of erectile dysfunction increases with age. Approximately 40% of 40-year-olds will experience ED rising 10% each decade, for example, 70% of 70-year-olds and 80% of 80-year-olds. There are many age-related causes of ED, from low testosterone and blood flow problems to diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

What Happens If Erectile Dysfunction Goes Untreated?

ED could be a warning that something is wrong with your cardiovascular system or indicate type 2 diabetes or depression. ED is considered a red flag, so if you are experiencing symptoms, contact your doctor or one of our medical providers, who will be happy to help. You can call us directly or simply fill out the online medical assessment.

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Being unhappy with your sex life can be frustrating, but it can be heartbreaking if you're trying to have children. If you can't achieve or maintain an erection, it makes penetrative sex difficult; however, it is still possible to reach climax even with a flaccid penis.

Using ED and TRT to Improve Your Sex Life

Viagra and other ED medications won't spontaneously cause an erection or provide sexual stimulation. All these medications do is improve the blood flow to your penis if you feel aroused. If you are suffering from low testosterone, it could be part of the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Your Hormones and Erections

Hormone abnormalities can cause ED, such as low testosterone, low thyroid, and raised prolactin.

Testosterone and Erections

Testosterone levels in men decline with age, and as they decline, the incidents of men with ED increase. Studies show that testosterone levels can decrease from 1-2% annually from around age 30 onwards. This decline in testosterone implies that hormone decline is closely linked to sexual function and libido. Studies show testosterone replacement therapy can help men in many greatly when it comes to sexual health. Many of the causes of ED are also symptoms of low testosterone, for example.

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • low libido

Testosterone powers a man's sex drive. It's also essential when it comes to erections. Testosterone doesn't trigger an erection itself, but it stimulates the production of nitric oxide (NO), which causes blood vessels to open. So, if you have low testosterone, your NO levels will likely be low too.

Nitric Oxide and Erections

Nitric oxide is a compound produced in the brain that dilates blood vessels, increases blood supply, and lowers blood pressure. NO is essential for attaining an erection. Studies suggest that testosterone regulates nitric oxide activity. So as testosterone levels fall, so do NO levels, which increases the likelihood of having ED.

For men with low NO levels, drugs like Viagra ® won't always be effective because NO triggers the blood vessels to expand. The most effective treatment, in this case, would be to give testosterone to increase nitric oxide to healthy levels again. ED medication is not a sexual stimulant. It simply improves the blood flow to your penis. Unless you are sexually aroused, they generally won't do very much.

Male Excel Prescription ED medications

Male Excel has ED treatment options designed to help you feel ready when the time arises. We have three options to suit all your needs.

  1. Sildenafil (generic Viagra®)
  2. Tadalafil (generic Cialis®)
  3. Daily Tadalafil (generic daily Cialis®)

You should only ever buy ED meds from legitimate companies selling FDA-approved medication. Over-the-counter meds may contain ingredients such as tadalafil and sildenafil in various doses, but they are unregulated and may contain illegal and dangerous substances. Over-the-counter meds that have these ingredients without being FDA-approved are unlawful.

How to Take Viagra or Cialis?

Generic Cialis takes effect faster than generic Viagra. Cialis takes as little as 30 to get to work, whereas Viagra takes at least one hour. Generic Viagra works best when taken on an empty stomach. If you take it on a full stomach, it takes much longer to take effect. In contrast, you can take generic Cialis before or after eating. But remember, sexual stimulation is required.
The alternative is Generic Daily Cialis which you take every day, so there is no need to prepare in advance before having sex. Many people opt for this medication because it means you will always be ready on demand.

Who Should Not Take ED Medication?

Certain drugs interact with ED meds, and our medical providers will assess your medical assessment questions for any interactions. They will also check to see if you are on any medications you should not take with ED drugs.

In particular, ED meds do not combine well with drugs that contain nitrates. These oral medications for high blood pressure and heart disease lower your blood pressure by expanding your blood vessels. So, nitrates and Viagra. In fact, using nitrates and Viagra together can cause your blood pressure to drop dangerously and even be fatal.

Our medical providers require you to complete our online assessment before prescribing ED medication and will want to know the following information.

  • Have you had a heart attack or heart failure?
  • Do you have uncontrolled low or high blood pressure?
  • Have you had problems with your blood cells (anemia, leukemia, etc.)?
  • Do you have (or have) stomach ulcers?
  • Have you ever had (or have) kidney problems? 
  • Do you have liver problems?

Male Excel Can Help You Regain Your Confidence

Our physicians are always happy to help answer any ED-related questions or questions about our hormone replacement therapy. If you're experiencing erectile dysfunction, our professional and trusted medical providers can help you get your sex life back on track. There is no shame in using ED medication; ED is a common problem that, for many, is easily treatable. We wanted to make it as easy for men to get the treatment they need discreetly online and delivered to their door.

Like your local doctor, we're here to support you with expert, confidential advice and treatment without leaving your home or wasting precious time. You can contact us from the comfort of your home or even at work. Once approved by our medical providers, you'll enjoy discreet delivery and fast access to erectile dysfunction treatment.

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