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One of the strangest myths about testosterone (a steroid hormone) is that it makes your penis shrink. Many still believe that 'stacked' bodybuilders full of testosterone have small penises. Do steroids make your penis shrink? This myth is absolutely untrue (it may actually make it longer).

Testosterone Can Reduce Fertility and Testicle Size (But This is No Problem For Many!)

Testosterone which is a steroid can shrink your testicles. The average decrease in size is up to 25%, but many men see no difference at all. There can also be a reduction in sperm production when taking TRT. Importantly, though, this is no problem if you are not planning on having children.

In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has conducted studies exploring TRT as a contraceptive for men. Ironically, despite TRT's positive effect on sexual function, it negatively impacts fertility. Doctors can also prescribe medicines to help protect fertility for men who wish to have children, such as Clomid.

Clomid as an Alternative?

Clomid (Clomiphene citrate), for example, is used to protect fertility in men on TRT and can also be used to increase testosterone levels as an alternative to traditional TRT. It attaches to the estrogen receptors in the pituitary, making your brain think that you don't have enough testosterone. As a result, the pituitary sends a signal to your testicles telling them that they need to ramp up testosterone and sperm production. Clomid is known as a selective estrogen receptor modulator or SERM for short. 

Alternatively, doctors give human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to boost testosterone and sperm production. HCG mimics a hormone known as LH or luteinizing hormone. This hormone tells the cells in your testicles to ramp up the production of both testosterone and sperm.

Studies show that Clomid can be an effective medication for increasing testosterone levels, but it has no FDA approval for treating it. Clomid is approved and prescribed by medical providers to treat infertility in women; however, it can be prescribed 'off-label' to men.

See if TRT Can Help

Low Testosterone Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction and Reduce Libido

Low or reduced testosterone can cause issues with sexual function and desire. Symptoms such as being overweight, excess visceral fat, poor body image, low energy levels, and no sex drive indicate reduced testosterone levels. By optimizing your testosterone, you will undoubtedly give your sex drive a boost. 

The most important aspect of getting a good erection is your heart and good blood flow. As testosterone levels decline, men usually find it harder to find the motivation to exercise and lose excess weight. As a result, high levels of bad cholesterol become an issue. These factors can lead to the furring up of your arteries and eventually restrict blood flow to the penis. All factors that make it harder to get hard!

Testosterone therapy, along with a healthy lifestyle, can restore sexual desire and improve blood flow for bigger, harder erections. Testosterone therapy can also be used alongside traditional ED medication like generic daily Cialis® to keep an erection long enough for sex.

Kallmann Syndrome

Testosterone therapy is also often effective in treating a rare condition where guys are born with a 'micropenis' called Kallmann syndrome. Testosterone therapy is reported to even work on guys with undiagnosed Kallmann syndrome and can increase penile length allowing for improved sexual function, even in later life. SO

So, Do Steroids Shrink Your Penis?

As you now know, testosterone won't shrink your penis; however, it will reduce fertility and, in some cases, shrink your testicles. This loss of fertility is no big deal for most guys. By the time you reach an age where your testosterone levels are falling, you will have had your children. The priority at this stage is to improve your health and live a longer, happier life.

The advantages of testosterone therapy, like increased libido, leaner muscles, and less visceral fat, are game changers. With all these improvements, you could live longer, play harder, and recover faster.

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