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Dr. Neal Rouzier, MD

Medical Director and Licensed Men's Health Physician

Dr. Neal Rouzier
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Dr. Neal Rouzier is a pioneer in the bioidentical hormone replacement field, practicing almost since its inception in the early 1990’s. He has dedicated his life’s work to uncovering the medical literature that supports safe and effective protocols for unique and personalized patient care.

“From a tired aging man, I quickly became a vigorous entrepreneur of hormone replacement therapy. My workload picked up the pace. With endless energy, I returned to the gym for my daily work out. My sleep was unbelievable. Most of all, my wife liked me much, much better after only three months of my program. This was a “born-again” experience, with the source of my redemption being bioidentical hormones. I had stumbled upon the answer to painful aging, recognizing that optimal health was truly what the term “preventive medicine” was all about.”

Dr. Neal Rouzier