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Dr. Peter Fotinos, MD

Medical Director & Licensed Men's Health Physician

Dr. Peter Fotinos
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Dr. Peter Fotinos is one of the top HRT physicians in the USA, with over 13 years of experience in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. He is one of the original founders of Male Excel and is deeply committed to a holistic medical approach that concentrates on mitigating the effects of aging through maintaining optimal, not average, hormone levels.

"I have been exclusively practicing HRT for over 13 years with a retention rate of 90% for patients that give the program time to work. Some patients who are new to HRT do not realize how safe and effective our program is for reversing symptoms of aging and restoring their quality of life. Nothing is more gratifying for me personally than when patients have their health and lives changed for the better. It is the entire reason why I practice medicine."

Dr. Peter Fotinos, MD Medical Advisory Board Member- Male Excel 

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