Which Medication is Right For Me?

Wondering which ED medication is right for you? Take our FREE ED assessment to get the best results for your needs.

On a scale of 0-3, how strongly do you relate to the following sentences? (0 being do not relate at all and 3 being relate very strongly)

I am confident in my ability to keep an erection.
I often have a hard time getting and maintaining a satisfactory erection.
I sometimes have a hard time getting an erection, depending on circumstances such as stress and alcohol.
I plan ahead of time before having intercourse.
Spontaneity is important to me in my sex life.
I would like to have intercourse on a consistent basis.
I have tried Viagra before and seen good results.
I have tried Cialis before and seen good results.
My drive has decreased with age.
I want to be ready to go as soon as possible after taking my medication.
I want the results to last more than one day.
I would rather more immediate results that last a few hours.
I can wait longer for results if they last several days.
My libido is not the same as it was in my twenties.
I have been diagnosed with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).
I urinate frequently, especially at night.
I am okay with taking a daily medication.
I could benefit from increased blood flow and circulatory health.
I have kidney or liver problems.
I drink alcohol regularly.
I want to be more motivated and excited to have sex.
I usually have sex only on the weekends
I have intercourse __ times a week (select an estimate between 1 or fewer to 5 or higher)
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