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Real Generic Viagra Starter Pack

2 x 100mg pills or as prescribed by your doctor.
(Typically = 4 x 50 mg doses)


(Includes your free medical consultation & 12 month valid prescription)

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*Prescription products are subject to doctor approval and require an online consultation.

**This is a subscription. Starter pack is to test the dosage. 30 days later we send 6 100mg pills or as prescribed by your doctor.

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Save Time with ME Online System

Until now , never ending waiting times in a doctor’s office were unavoidable. We have all sat there wondering what on earth is taking so long! Missing or postponing important work or even leisure activities for a medical appointment is now a thing of the past. The Male Excel experience is different! ME is ready when you have time and our medical form and process can be completed from any device, including your mobile phone. We even have customer happiness agents to assist with all your questions 1-833-625-3392..


Avoid the Embarrassing Doctor's Visits

Most men are not comfortable speaking to someone about their personal or medical issues, especially when it comes to problems in the bedroom. With a virtual doctor consult, ME has eliminated that potentially uncomfortable interaction.


Get The Same Effective Treatment For Less

Male Excel offers a path to the same effective ED treatments you would normally have to physically drive to your doctors and pharmacy to acquire. No insurance Required. Don’t let money be the reason you live with erectile dysfunction any longer. Regain your full confidence, join the thousands of men across the nation who adopted Male Excel and now have access to affordable treatment with so much more convenience.


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