Hormones & 


HRT can get you back on the right path
to a healthy, energetic new you

& Fatigue

HRT can get you on the right path to a healthy, energetic
new you.

Low Energy in men

One of the significant improvements our patients see with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is vastly improved energy levels. For many people, an increase in energy levels is one of the first benefits they experience when they start their BHRT journey, with most reporting increased energy levels and motivation within weeks of starting their treatment.


  • Testosterone, thyroid hormones, cortisol, and estrogen all play a role in energy levels.
  • As we age, hormone levels diminish, leading a loss of motivation and sexual desire.
  • One of the essential hormones for energy is the thyroid.
  • Thyroid issues cause your metabolism to slow down to a snail’s pace, and you will struggle to obtain energy from the food you eat.
  • If your testosterone levels decline, motivation levels drop as well, leading to a lack of desire to succeed in your health goals.
  • Fading energy is not something that should just be put down to ‘getting older,’ more often than not, it’s your hormones to blame.
Wondering if you may be suffering from low T or thyroid levels? Take our free assessment to see if you could benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy!


  • Thyroid boosts the metabolism and increases energy (thyroid medication has around 200 symptoms that it can alleviate)
  • Testosterone increases energy and strength, giving you the motivation to succeed and achieve your goals.
  • Testosterone increases red blood cell count via a process called erythropoiesis. This increase in red blood cell numbers improves your blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity from your lungs to tissue cells in every part of your body. Just like every cell in your body needs energy, every cell in your body requires oxygen. When you start your treatment, this increase in red blood cells happens pretty quickly, which may be why people experience an almost instant increase in energy and motivation.
  • Restoring optimal testosterone levels leads to reduced symptoms of depression and reduced stress levels.

Not only does testosterone affect you physically, but it also impacts your mental wellbeing.

Restoring optimal testosterone levels leads to reduced symptoms of depression and reduced stress levels. Studies show that TRT improves mood in both men and women, leading to an improved state of mind and body. With BHRT from Male Excel, patients often report decreased anger and feelings of hostility, more patience, less sadness, reduced fatigue, and nervousness. And most importantly, they report increased energy, motivation, and friendliness!

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