The Truth About
Estrogen Blockers

And Why Male Excel Does Not Prescribe Them

The Truth
About Estrogen Blockers

And Why Male Excel Does Not Prescribe Them

Estrogen Blockers

The popular belief is that estrogen is a female hormone that stops testosterone in its tracks meaning guys grow boobs and stop gaining muscle. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many hormone clinics tout estrogen blockers (aromatase inhibitors, A.I.’s) as essential because they prevent testosterone’s conversion into estrogen. However, this is a vital natural process that, if blocked, increases your risk of heart disease, brittle bones, memory loss, weight gain, developing erectile dysfunction, and more.

Let’s kill this myth right here and now.

Estrogen is Essential, and by Blocking Estrogen, Testosterone Cannot Work Efficiently

Men need estrogen to maintain heart, bone, and sexual health. By using estrogen blockers, you harm your overall long-term health while risking a nosedive in libido and erectile dysfunction.

Where does Estrogen Come From?

Many men are surprised that they naturally produce estrogen via conversion from testosterone. In healthy men, this conversion happens through an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase is present in the adrenal glands, testicles, fat tissue, and brain, converting testosterone into estrogen.

Why are Estrogen Blockers prescribed?

Doctors prescribe estrogen blockers for numerous reasons, with many practitioners still subscribing to the belief that testosterone is good and estrogen is bad. Drug manufacturers have created a misconception that estrogen ‘robs’ your body of healthy testosterone (so they can sell more aromatase inhibitors). Doctors should be looking at the balance of the two. Without a healthy balance of both hormones, the effect each has on the body are limited

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Side Effects of Estrogen Blockers

Estrogen is a Vital and Misunderstood Part of Your Hormones

If you are a TRT patient, your testosterone levels will increase, as will your estrogen levels. Many believe that by blocking this conversion, you will benefit from even more testosterone. This assumption is not correct and carries health risks.

Men produce estradiol in two ways. The first is via testosterone, which is good. The other is through fat, which is not. Estradiol from fat causes your testosterone levels to decline, meaning you will find it harder to burn fat. This difficult to break ‘visceral fat cycle’ is precisely why many obese men suffer from low T. In this case, it is not the estradiol causing the problems; it is the fat.

This hormonal war is why a beer belly is often called a ‘hormonal belly,’ the visceral fat in your belly produces hormones that knock down your testosterone level, ultimately making it harder to lose.

The answer is testosterone replacement therapy, exercise, and a healthy diet. Only by breaking the visceral fat cycle can you hope to lose that belly and readjust your hormonal balance.

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